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Grant of Probate


During the Covid-19 pandemic major changes were made to the process for applying for Grants of Probate.  In most cases, a Grant of Probate is required to deal with an Estate where the assets exceed £10,000.  This application is made by the Executors to allow them control of the assets, pay any liabilities and distribute the Estate. 

In November 2020, the Courts Services introduced an online application process for most Estates, where the deceased had a Will - with several exceptions to online applications.  If the exception applies, a paper application is needed.

Online applications were introduced for professional and non-professional applicants and coincided with the closure of local Probate Registries, increases in application fees, digitalised services and changes in legislation for Inheritance Tax. These changes signaled the most significant shift in the process for applying for Probate in the last 50 years.

The online system intended to make the application for a Grant of Probate more accessible to non-professionals can instead result in more complex issues regarding tax, tax exemptions and Trusts to be missed by non-professional Executors.  This can cause problems for Estate Beneficiaries and Executors.  An Executor is personally liable for an Estate.  

If you have begun dealing with an Estate, but found the process overwhelming, or you have been notified that a paper application is required, or you cannot locate the Will - then our Team can assist you. We can address the areas which need your attention and finalise the application for Probate, conclude the Estate Administration, stress free. If you need assistance or wish to discuss the best way forward, please contact me on 01903-784447 or email

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