Preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney
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Preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney

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Have you considered what would happen to you if you were unable to manage your property, finances or health?

By preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney you can protect yourself and those you love from financial difficulty or decisions surrounding care.

Lasting Powers of Attorney were introduced in 2007 to replace Enduring Powers of Attorney, whilst including several steps to protect the person making the Power.  If you have an Enduring Power of Attorney this remains valid but can only be registered at  Court to be used by the Attorneys if the person making the Power is not able to make their own decisions.  This can cause difficulties for the Attorneys as the current timeframe for registration at Court is approx. 6 months. If you lose capacity and have a Lasting Power of Attorney this can be registered at Court immediately and can be used by the Attorneys without delay.  Whilst we hope you never need to rely on a Power of Attorney, by having one in place, this removes any worries for the future if you lose ability to make decisions yourself. 

A Lasting Power of Attorney will allow you to name friends, family or a Solicitor to help you by making those decisions on your behalf. This process can be undertaken by both legal and non-legal applicants online or directly through the Court.  If you have begun this process but become overwhelmed, unable to complete it, require and understanding of what is involved, or details about the 2 types of Lasting Powers (Property/Financial and Health/Welfare), we can assist. Our Private Client Team can help prepare and register Powers at the Office of the Public Guardian.

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