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Relationship Agreements

Many couples who are considering living together, marriage or have recently married, enter the relationship with unequal assets.  This could be for many reasons including being in the fortunate position to collate savings/assets, beneficiary of an inheritance or even one or both parties having a financial settlement following the breakdown of a marriage or separation.

Should one of these situations arise, the person bringing in the greater financial resource may wish to seek to protect such savings/assets if there should be a relationship breakdown in the future.  This can be achieved by entering into one of the following:-

  1. Cohabitation Agreement – if you are intending to live together but not marry
  2. Pre-Marital Agreement – if you are intending to marry
  3. Post-Marital Agreement – if you are already married

In the event of a marriage breakdown, a Pre-Marital or Post-Marital Agreement is given high consideration by a Court in the event of a dispute as to how financial settlement should be achieved provided that it has been properly prepared and, in the event of a Pre-Marital Agreement within a reasonable time prior to the marriage.

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